Alchemy2.2.rc3 / ruby 1.9.3 - rake alchemy:db:seed leads to: #224

marcheidemann opened this Issue Apr 11, 2012 · 2 comments

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after executing "rake alchemy:db:seed" :

"Seeding your database
rake aborted!
Can't mass-assign protected attributes: name, language_code, frontpage_name, page_layout, public, default

Tasks: TOP => alchemy:db:seed"

I was able to reproduce this issue with a new rails app and 2.2.rc1.
However this issue does not appear with 2.2.rc4 (master-branch).

I'll have a look at the commits that has been made meanwhile. As long as this has not been fixed you can use the master-branch.

Thanks for reporting this!

AlchemyCMS - A Rails CMS Framework member

Fixed with newest commits in master.

@tvdeyen tvdeyen closed this Apr 13, 2012
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