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You can download 'Alchera' from AppStore or PlayStore and test it
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Face Hand Detection Unity

What does this project do?

This repository is a Unity3D Project that detects faces and hands in 2D/3D. 👍
You can test this project on Android and iOS.

OR, just download Alchera app from or for testing.

What's in it?

Face2DFacemark Face3DSticker Face3DAnimoji
Face3DMask Hand2DSkeleton Complex(face+hand)


What is the scope of your application?

Device Orientation

  • Portrait
  • Portrait Upside Down
  • Landscape Right
  • Landscape Left


  • Front Camera
  • Rear Camera


  • AndroidㅤARMv7, ARM64
  • iOSㅤㅤㅤarm64, armv7, armv7s
  • Windows Editorㅤ(If you want to use it, Please contact Alchera)
  • MacOS Editorㅤㅤ(If you want to use it, Please contact Alchera)

Max detection count

  • Unlimited. The more, the slower.


How do I run the test?

Click image below to see Youtube tutorial.

Video Label

  1. Clone or Download this repository.
  1. open it with Unity3D
    we've tested with Unity3D version 2019.2.13f Universal RP.
    Universal RP is optional, but without setup, graphics can be broken as follows:

    If you don't mind, it will work in the 2018 as well.
  1. If you want to play with iOS. unzip opencv2.framework to Assets/Alchera/Plugins/iOS
    (It is too large for github push)

    Make sure the platform is checked with iOS.
  1. Set Unity3D settings.
    Window - Package Manager

    We use Universal RP 6.9.2

    File - Build Settings

    Place the Splashscene first and the DemoUIscene second.

    Edit - Project Settings - Graphics

    Set Scriptable Render PipelineAsset to LightweightAsset. for Universal RP

    Edit - Project Settings - Player - Other Settings - iOS

    Edit - Project Settings - Player - Other Settings - Android

  1. Build And Run.
    build with iOS or Android. And see the magic :)


I want to know more about sdk!

Please check Assets/Alchera/AlcheraUnitySDK_Document_2020.1.0 (English and Korean supported)
OR, conctact Alchera.

Until when can I use it?

This SDK is available until 2020/5/31. If you want to extend the deadline after the test, please contact Alchera.
You can play with this project. but if you want to distribute your project, please contact Alchera.

Copyright 2016. Alchera inc. All rights reserved.

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