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Table of Content

  1. TySOM


TySOM is a family of development boards for embedded applications that features Xilinx® Zynq™ all programmable module combining FPGA with ARM® Cortex processor. Plethora of included peripherals makes these boards useful in various embedded applications like Automotive, IoT, Industrial automation or embedded HPC.

Aldec provides the following list of boards:

Link to the TySOM boards page

TySOM-3A, TySOM-3, TySOM-2 and TySOM-2A families contain FMC connectors which can be used to extend devices and peripherals not included in TySOM boards. Due to non-proprietary connectors like FMC Daughter Cards can be reused across different hardware platforms.

Daughter Cards provided by Aldec:


A collection of configuration platforms for Xilinx SDx tool that help customers use Aldec TySOM board with SDx to accelerate algorithms in Zynq FPGA chip.

Note: These platforms have to be downloaded and a zip file has to be extracted on Linux. SDx platform extracted on Windows will not work!

Note: Provided SDx platforms use Chroma Resampler and On-Screen Display IP cores from LogicCORE. This is why additional licenses are required.

How to use TySOM platform with SDx

To use Aldec TySOM board with Xilinx SDx tool an appropriate SDx platform need to be used. Download the platform for TySOM board and follow Xilinx instruction

In Choose Hardware Platform window user has to add TySOM platform by using Add Custom Platform button. Next step is to select the platform.

See Appendix B: Managing Platforms and Repositories of Xilinx instruction for more information.

Document contains all necessary information about using Aldec TySOM board in Xilinx SDx tool.

Vivado - board definition files

Vivado board definition files contain configuration of Processing System and interfaces available on the board to simplify using the Aldec TySOM board in Xilinx Vivado tool.

The board definition files for all TySOM boards can be found in Vivado-board_files folder.

Document contains all necessary information about using Aldec TySOM board in Xilinx Vivado tool with the board definition files.

The board definition files are provided for the following Aldec TySOM boards:

The board definition files contain also FMC cards definitions:

Supported OSes

All Aldec TySOM boards were checked with different Operating Systems. Below is a list of supported OSes and additional information.

  1. Ubuntu-Linaro

A stock version of Ubuntu Desktop Operating System with additional packages from Linaro. It supports all standard interfaces such as: USB, HDMI, Ethernet, WiFi, Audio IN/OUT.

Filesystem Version: 20121124-560

  1. Debian-Linaro

A Linaro version of Debian Linux System with support of standard interfaces: USB, HDMI, Ethernet, WiFi, Audio IN/OUT

Kernel version: 4.4

Filesystem Version: 20160329-17

  1. Linux OS build system: Yocto Project

Yocto project provides all necessary functions and scripts to build a custom Linux Operating system.

  1. Linux OS build system: Petalinux tools

The Petalinux provides all necessary tools to build a custom operating system for Embedded solutions for board with Xilinx Zynq chips.

Kernel version: 4.9

Filesystem Version: 2017.2

  1. VxWorks

The VxWorks is an industry’s real-time operating system which provides a set of very important features such as: safety and security.

VxWorks version: 7

  1. freeRTOS

The most popular, free real-time operating system for embedded devices.

freeRTOS version: 8.2.3

  1. OpenWrt

The OpenWrt is a GNU/Linux distribution for embedded devices such as wireless routers. It is built to be easily modifiable operating system for routers.

Kernel version: 4.4.14

OpenWrt version: 15.05.1

Yocto Project configurations

The Yocto Project is an open source project to help developers creating a custom Linux-based systems.

Aldec provides configuration for Yocto project for the following list of boards:

Document contains all necessary information about using the Yocto Project to build a custom Linux for the boards.

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