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Reporting Bugs & Format

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When writing a bug report, it’s important to follow a format so that you can easily describe the issue you have run into, and clearly explain to a developer what the bug is and how to replicate it. Including information such as the version number is also needed to let developers and testers know when this bug first appeared and if it’s resolved or not. Including your operating system/PC hardware is also useful if applicable. If you do not follow the format below your report will most likely be deleted. Not including the version number will also be grounds for your post being closed.

Before even writing a bug report, it is important to check and see if someone else has reported the same bug as you. Duplicate bug reports take up space and clutter what could be unique or new bugs being reported. If you do find a bug report that is like yours, simply add to that report in the comments. Include evidence such as screen shots and/or videos and your own description of what happened in your case. Getting more details regarding a bug can help a developer resolve that bug faster!

If you do write a bug report, please use the provided example format. Always check the preview option to make sure your report looks how you want it to before submitting it!

## Expected Behavior

## Current Behavior

## Reproduction Steps




## Evidence

## Crash Logs

(If Applicable. No logs needed if there is no crash.)

## Build Information

**Game Version:** 0.0.0.XXXX

**Operating System and Alderon Games ID:**

If you'd like to add anything extra to your bug report to make it easier to read or understand, you can use markdown! A guide on how to use it is linked here: