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Style guideines for ShadowCraft-Engine
While we're getting started I'm going to be somewhat lenient about these, as
its pretty important to get the framework roughed out so people can start
building off it; however, once the initial flurry settles down, I will start
enforcing these a bit more strenuously.
0) Assume for the moment that we're using Python 2.6. If there's some 2.7
feature that you feel would be a real asset for something you're doing,
let me know and we can discuss it. We are not using 3.x.
1) Indents are 4 spaces. Tabs are strictly forbidden.
2) Avoid trailing whitespace in all cases. And I do mean all cases.
3) Line length: Try to keep comments to 80 characters. For general code I'm
not going to enforce a strict limit, but if you're going over 120 characters
or so you should think about whether there's a natural way to break it. If
there's not, that's fine, but if there is, that's better.
4) List comprehensions, lambda functions, map(), reduce(), filter(), etc. are
all fine if they're simple and generally aid code clarity. If you're doing
some hairy nested thing, it's probably better to split it up.
5) For binary operators (+, -, *, /, %, etc.) put a space around the operator:
Correct: a = 1 + 2 * 3
Wrong: a=1+2*3
Exception: When assigning a default value for a function parameter, do not
use spaces:
Correct: def foo(bar=1):
Wrong: def foo(bar = 1):
6) Imports: With the exception of importing something that's in __init__,
import the module, not the class.
Correct: from calcs import gylphs
Slightly Wrong: import calcs.glyphs
Wrong: from calcs.glyphs import Glyph
Very Wrong: from calcs.glyph import *
Imports should also generally be done in alphabetical order.
7) Try to keep module names distinct to the extent that it's possible to do so
and still have them make sense. It helps if you use descriptive module
8) Modules names should be lowercase_and_underscores.
9) Function names should be lowercase_and_underscores.
10) Class names should be CamelCase.
11) If a module primarily consists of a single class definition, the module
name and the class name should match.
12) Any string where there is even the slightest chance it will be shown to an
external user should use named introspection for variables. This is to
make translation, um, possible.
Correct: "%(character_name)s is level %(character_level)d" % {'character_name': name, 'character_level': level}
Wrong: "%s is level %d" % (name, level)
Very Wrong: name + ' is level ' + str(level).
To explain: in various languages the sentence syntax may require the
variables to be in a different order. Giving them good descriptive names
lets the translators properly rearrange them as needed to convey the proper
13) Comments are a good thing. If what you're doing isn't immediately obvious
from a quick readthrough, add a comment to explain it.
In general: please try to write code that's as readable and maintainable as
possible. You only write the code once, but it will be read many many times.
Hence its worth spending an extra couple of minutes writing it if it saves the
readers even a few seconds in understanding it. As the saying goes: always
write code as though the person who has to maintain it is a dangerous
psychopath that knows where you live.