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@Xstoudi Xstoudi released this Sep 20, 2017 · 11 commits to master since this release

Alduin v1 (technical word)

Alduin v1 was a little project I've made to learn React. But a few months and 10000 downloads later, I realized I made a big mistake : not using Redux. The consequence was that Alduin's code was a big mess with bad performances. So I decided to develop again the whole software.

Before download

Uninstall Alduin v1.x.x before install this one !

New features

  • A website
  • Auto-update system
  • Right to left languages support
  • JSONFeed support
  • Tooltip on sidebar icons hover (on the trash, for example ;) )
  • You can now rename a feed by right-clicking on it
  • Modals are more beautiful than never
  • "Read more" link in the bottom
  • Error automatic reporting

Regressions :(

  • Alduin doesn't support podcasts anymore. Here is a dedicated software for RSS podcast feed.
  • UI isn't adaptive anymore (only temporary, this feature will be back)

Upcoming features

Please do not hesitate to submit an idea by creating an issue. I'll read it with attention.

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  • You can now import and listen podcasts in Alduin (try it by adding this RSS:
  • The icon color now change when there is unread feeds
  • Right click on a feed allow you to mark as read every articles in it.


  • On Linux based systems, double-click on the icon tray wasn't opening Alduin
  • List weren't display correctly on an article
  • Chrome Dev Tools opened on starting
  • Deviantart feeds weren't recognized
  • OPML export wasn't correct
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@Xstoudi Xstoudi released this Feb 6, 2017 · 72 commits to release since this release


You can now:

  • Import OPML list by dragging and dropping an OPML file into Alduin's window
  • Export feeds as OPML list going in settings menu


  • Alduin now handle 301 redirections
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@Xstoudi Xstoudi released this Dec 17, 2016 · 129 commits to release since this release

  • You can now fetch https feeds
  • Modals and loading were hiding the header bar.
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@Xstoudi Xstoudi released this Dec 11, 2016 · 146 commits to release since this release

  • Fix theme issue with Linux AppImage release.
  • Wait for the DOM content to show the window.
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@Xstoudi Xstoudi released this Dec 9, 2016 · 153 commits to release since this release

  • Add the delete function for feeds (Just drag'n'drop a feed on the trash).
  • Improve the design of the config modal
  • Add AppImage for Linux distributions
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@Xstoudi Xstoudi released this Nov 28, 2016 · 176 commits to release since this release

  • Just created a new header bar, more beautiful than the old one.
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