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About Ale.js


Ale (Chinese: 啤酒) is a set of progressive frameworks for building user interfaces in the form of components. It believes that everything is a component. Unlike other large frameworks, Ale only needs you to focus on the data and does not need to care about any content related to the view. When you update the data, any places in the view that use it will be updated.

We combine some of the features of Vue and React in Ale to make it more convenient and lightweight. At the same time, the diff algorithm is also used in Ale (thanks to Ale's self-developed diff algorithm, which is only about 50 lines, extremely lightweight).

At the same time, in Ale, you don't have to worry about anything about performance, because Ale is compressed (non-g-zip) only about 7kb in size, and the execution speed is also close to 3 times that of Vue and React!

If you are already an experienced front-end developer and want to know the specific differences between Ale and other libraries/frames, check out Compare other frameworks.

Quick Start

//A very simple demo
Ale("helloworld", {
    template: "Hello World"

Ale.render("helloworld", {
    el: "#app"

Browser Compatibility

Ale does not support IE8 and below because Ale uses ECMAScript 5 features that IE8 cannot simulate. But it supports all ECMAScript 5 compliant browsers.


QQ group: (如果你来自中国,那么你可以加入我们的官方qq群)

ale.js 官方qq群


To check out live examples and docs, visit alejs.org.



Copyright (c) 2018-present, Yingxuan (Bill) Dong