Spout Plugin for Unreal Engine
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Spout Plugin for Unreal Engine

Sender and Receiver only DirectX 11.

Installation and Use

Put code in folder Plugins (for example "yourproject/Plugins/SpoutUE4")


the "spout sender" has two options:

  • "Game Viewport" that send the image of the viewport (no work in standalone game)
  • or use a "TextureRenderTarget2D" in this case you should create along with a "SceneCaptureComponent2D"

use "spout close" blueprint to close spouts

CaptureSpout2 test sending 10 sender to Touchdesigner 1024x768 either one, the performance is good.

Install Example

  • Create new c++ First Person project
  • unzip example in the "Content" folder of your project
  • unzip code plugin in folder "Plugins" as mentioned above, if there is no "Plugins" folder, create it
  • restart project
  • load Spout scene


CaptureSpout2 This image corresponds to the "Spout" scene.