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"_____________________________First Section": "Setting used for lgds",
"IDSATraces": "./data/tra.json",
"translateExplanation": "in case of JSON file, it means if I load all the timestep or 1 every 15 nad following the file given",
"translate": 0,
"GeoLifeTrace": "./data/traGeolife.json",
"GraphHopperPath": "/Users/alessandrozonta/Documents/lgds/",
"GoogleAPIKey": "",
"GraphHopperName" : "china-latest.osm.pbf",
"Radio": 40,
"MaxLength": 999999.0,
"SourceTrajectories": "/Users/alessandrozonta/Downloads/ewap_dataset/seq_hotel/obsmat.txt",
"Smoother": 1,
"_____________________________Second Section": "Setting used for gms",
"fileName": ["Rijswijk2Small.graphml"],
"fileLocation": "/Users/alessandrozonta/PycharmProjects/roadNetwork/data",
"_____________________________Third Section": "Setting used for tgcfs",
"trajectoriesTypeExplanation": "0 idsa, 1 geolife, 2 both, 3 idsaJSON, 4 geolifeJSON, 5 ETH",
"trajectoriesType": 5,
"HowManySplittingExplanation": "How many times split the trajectory",
"HowManySplitting": 0,
"HowManyTrajectoriesExplanation": "Number is the maximum number of trajectories that are going to be tested. 99999 means use all of them",
"HowManyTrajectories": 99999,
"TimestepsOfTheRealTrajectoryExplanation": "0 means all the time steps are used, number bigger than 0 select the last n time steps",
"TimestepsOfTheRealTrajectory": 10,
"MaxSpeed": 8.0,
"MoreTimeAheadExplanation": "Instead next time step, try only one point but after n time steps. 1 is normal, more is more",
"MoreTimeAhead": 4,
"_____________________________Fourth Section": "Setting for the EA algorithm",
"AgentPopulationSize": 5,
"AgentOffspringSize": 10,
"AgentAlphaIntermediateRecombination": 0.5,
"AgentTimeStepsExplanation": "How many time-steps the agent is going to generate",
"AgentTimeSteps": 1,
"IncrementalLearningPoints": false,
"HowManyGenBeforeNewPoint": 4,
"ClassifierPopulationSize": 5,
"ClassifierOffspringSize": 10,
"ClassifierAlphaIntermediateRecombination": 0.5,
"ClassifierTimeStepsExplanation": "Not implemented now",
"ClassifierTimeSteps": 1,
"MaxGenerations": 5,
"Seed": 1,
"TournamentSizeAgents": 2,
"TournamentSizeClassifiers": 2,
"MutationExplanation": "0 is Uncorrelated mutation, 1 is RandomResetting, 2 is NonUniformMutation",
"Mutation": 0,
"UncorrelatedMutationStepExplanation": "Could be 1 or N",
"UncorrelatedMutationStep": "1",
"StepSizeAgents": 0.5,
"StepSizeClassifiers": 0.5,
"Recombination": false,
"EvolveAgentMoreThanClassifierTimesteps": 0,
"CheckAlsoPastExplanation": "true -> it checks also the training trajectory to decide if the new part is okay or not. False -> it checks only the new part",
"CheckAlsoPast": true,
"AutomaticCalibration": false,
"UsingReducedVirulenceMethodOnAgents": false,
"UsingReducedVirulenceMethodOnClassifiers": false,
"VirulenceAgents": 0.75,
"VirulenceClassifiers": 0.50,
"AutomaticEvolutionDisengagementExplanation": "Enable automatic evolution of the counter system against disengagement. 0 means non enable, 1 means change the step size, 2 means change the virulence automatically, 3 both",
"AutomaticEvolutionDisengagement": 0,
"MeasureUsedForAutomaticDisengagementExplanation": "0 means using the metric of disengagement, 1 means using std and mean",
"MeasureUsedForAutomaticDisengagement": 0,
"PopulationWithAutomaticDisengagementExplanation": "0 means both population, 1 means agents, 2 means classifiers",
"PopulationWithAutomaticDisengagement": 0,
"DifferentSelectionForClassifiersExplanation" : "0 means mu plus lambda, 1 means mu comma lambda, 2 means keep the best and throw away the others. combine them for agent and classifier.",
"DifferentSelectionForClassifiers" : 0.0,
"KeepBestNElement" : 1,
"ConversionOutputWithGraph": false,
"HallOfFame": false,
"HallOfFameMemory": 10,
"HallOfFameSample": 5,
"_____________________________Fifth section": "Settings for the models",
"HiddenLayersAgent": 1,
"HiddenNeuronsAgent": 15,
"HiddenNeuronsClassifier": 5,
"TrajectoriesTrained": 25,
"HowManyAmIChangingBetweenGenerationExplanation" : "Number is expressed in %",
"HowManyAmIChangingBetweenGeneration": 0,
"Train": false,
"PictureSize": 64,
"FitnessFunctionExplanation": "0 is the one from the paper, 1 is for the modified one with precision, 2 is for the Selmar one",
"FitnessFunction": 2,
"TimeAsInputExplanation": "true: I am using the Time between time steps as a input for the generator (for geolife), false: not using it",
"TimeAsInput": true,
"_____________________________Sixth section": "Settings for where to save the performances",
"Name": "lines",
"Experiment": "3",
"Path": "/Users/alessandrozonta/Desktop",
"DumpPopulationExplanation": "Save the entire population on file.",
"DumpPopulation" : false,
"LoadDumpedPopExplanation": "Load the population from file. Not Implemented now",
"LoadDumpedPop": false,
"DumpTrajectoryPointAndMeaningExplanation": "Dump trajectory and what generated. Way better if TrajectoriesTrained is very big",
"DumpTrajectoryPointAndMeaning": true,
"_____________________________Seventh section": "Settings for databases",
"usingDB": false,
"dbNameCoordNode": "dbcn",
"dbNameDistance": " dbd",
"_____________________________Eight section": "what model use in the system -> agent",
"LSTM": true,
"Convolution": false,
"Clax": false,
"_____________________________Ninth section": "what model use in the system -> classifier",
"LSTMClassifier": false,
"ENN": false,
"NN": true,
"_____________________________Debug Mode": "Enable Debug mode",
"LevelDebugExplanation": "0=SEVERE, 1=WARNING, 2=INFO, 3=CONFIG, 4=FINE, 5=FINER, 6=FINEST, 7=OFF",
"LevelDebug": 6,
"Score": false
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