Powerful and optimized SOHO and Corporate Application Designer Win 32 software for the 6.1 English version
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WIN32 Client Installation Instruction.txt


Alef Platform

ALEF Platform is both a Corporate and SOHO Application Designer This application have a long history of usage. We started to develope first version in 1993. Since it have a long story of successful fullfilment of sofisticated projects. If you don't care a finance allocations and managerial accountings, you can simply use the set of effective designers to build your own application. The set of designers includes:

  • Document designer. Allows to create or manage documents, their forms and alghorithms.... Everything, that support appearance and behaviour of documents in a application. When we saing Document, we keep in mind Form, which support you interaction with Data
  • Folder Designer. Allows you to orgnise Documents of your application
  • Query Designer. Help you to create complex SQL queries, which collect data in a system or in external sources (QBE designer) This three designers will help you quickly to create your appllication. That's all for a common SOHO or Corporate application.

If you need to create a financial application, you'll need some more tools to be quick and effective.

  • Typical transaction designer. Support of creation of sophisticated postings template, which EXTRACT data from the system documents, TRANSFORM it according your (or your organisation) accounting policy and LOAD it to multidimensional storage.
  • Chart of Account designer. Here you can organise structure of desired MULTIDIMENSIONAL storage to keep transactions (postings) data.
  • Term designer. Here you will describe the system semantic and define each term associated witht the document fields and how fields of one document related with fields of another documents.

This set of tools will help you to create Win32 Client Server Application. Using following project results (Silverlight and HTML5) you can use the same functionality with Microsoft Silverlight and HTML5 client to bring WEB functionality into your Application.

Win32 quick and reliable. We have a project where 300 and more users works with the same MS SQL database. Use it when you need the same functionality on WEB.

Why we decided to open a source code? Complicated software complicated to sell. We found, that most of income goes from the making solution on this platform. Platform itself it is hard to sell. Moreover, Solution it is hard to sell as well, because there is no two congruent clients. Each client is different. We would like to focuse on a Project development.

We are going to publish on GitHub source codes of following projects: Eng_6.1_Win32 client - Win32 Client of Designer and RunTime in one application Eng_Silverlight client - Silverlight runtime client Eng HTML5 client - HTML5 runtime client PDMS - .Net sources for the Solution, which allow to build original Product Data Management System.... for your company. FMS - .Net sources for Solution, which allow to build Financial Management System.... BMS - .Net sources for Solution, which allow to build Budget Management System... PDP - .Net sources for Solution, which allow to build Data Scrapper System, which collects data from Internet and provide verification of collected quantitative data..

This is very hurd job. We ready to do this job. But we need to understand, that somebody really need it. We are very appreciated for any feedback (Need - Don't need, Usefull or not, Like - don't like). We will very appreciated for the opinion, what priority of source publication is more useful for IT society. And, for sure, we need your help ($) and/or participation (hours). Let us know, if you are ready to speed up the process we have started.