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PHP Apache Solr Adapter

Faster way search with solr in advance way.

You also invited to my Wiki


Put the files at classes dir (See bootstrap how it supposed to load the classes)

Configure classes/KoSolr.php: private $_connection_configurations = array( 'default-solr-configuration'=>array( 'server'=>'solr', 'port'=>8080, 'app_path'=>'/apache-solr-3.5.0', 'core'=>'members' ), );

Code Examples

Create Server Instance :

$instance_KoSolr = KoSolr::getInstance();
$KoSolr_Server_Instance = $instance_KoSolr->getServer();
// OR //
$KoSolr_Server_Instance = new KoSolr_Server('SOLR_SERVER',8080,'/apache-solr-3.5.0','CORENAME');

Delete (all=:) Documents


Adding/Updating document (note: each 1000 docs it will auto send them)

$doc = new KoSolr_Document();            
$doc->id = "id TEST";
$doc->name = 'xxx TEST';
$doc->Some_FIELD_NAME_OF_SOLR = 'some thing';
$update_request = $KoSolr_Server_Instance->create_update_request();
$response = $KoSolr_Server_Instance->execute($update_request);   

Search on solr :

$search_request = $KoSolr_Server_Instance->create_search_request();  
$search_request->select('*')->equals('id', '"id TEST"');
        ->equals('field1', 'should be equle')
        ->query('search string')
        ->setSort('field1 ASC');

$search_request->qf = 'activity_title^100 high^50 medium^5 low^0.01';   

$response = $server->execute($search_request);

$response->response['docs'] <-- This is results

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