Documentation and Driver for using the analog mode of the XE-1AP/J for PC Engine game development.
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XE-1AP Analog PC Engine Driver and Documentation

This is a repository dedicated to the XE-1AP/XE-1AJ-CZ-8NJ2 manufactured by Micomsoft and compatible with the PC Engine console with select few games. The process of reading Analog values from the controller is well explained, furthermore we provide you with the official driver code to do so, disassembled and commented, as it was used in the game OutRun by NEC Avenue, and configuration files for you to extract the driver yourself from the game's binaries with Etripator ( We hope to see more analog supporting games for the PC Engine in the future! :)

  • XE-1AP.txt - The process, documented.
  • analog_driver.asm - The official driver as seen in commercial PCE games.
  • XE1AP_labels, XE1AP_config.json - Etripator config/label files for extracting the driver yourself from Nec Avenue's OutRun port.

Version 1.0

  • Documentation of the communication process between PCE and XE-1AP finished.
  • Disassembled code from OutRun (NEC Avenue)'s XE-1AP routine commentated.

Special Thanx

  • Raphael Assénat (you're awesome)
  • SuperDeadite (showing us PCE plebs the power of the CyberStick)
  • Vincent "MooZ" Cruz (Couldn't do it without your Etripator PCE Disassembler)
  • And basically everyone who codes for the PC Engine. No excuse to not support analog on your games now! ^^