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This is my Open Source Software home page.

Projects created:

Project contributions:

  • Crucible-Review-Creator: A fork of a Plugin for Crucible to create progressive reviews automatically from Git branches.
  • statsd-jvm-profiler: Contributed new functionality to control embedded HTTP server and loading of profiling agent at runtime.
  • jackson-databind/annotations: Contributed a new feature to allow deserialization of unknown Enums using a @annotated enum value.
  • sbt-checkstyle-plugin: Contributed new functionality to this SBT build plugin to fail builds if issues are found.
  • findbugs4sbt: Contributed new functionality to break the build if issues higher than certain threshold are found during the SBT build.
  • appdatapreferences-android: A fork of an Android library made by Google in which I add new functionality to resolve synchronization conflicts using different strategies.
  • android-secure-preferences: A fork to add extra security to the encryption of preferences in Android.
  • git_time_extractor: A fork to add a way to estimate the value of the work done on a Git repository based on commit history.
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