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Breakpad is a set of client and server components which implement a
crash-reporting system.

Getting started in 32-bit mode (from trunk)
Configure: CXXFLAGS=-m32 CFLAGS=-m32 CPPFLAGS=-m32 ./configure
    Build: make
     Test: make check
  Install: make install

If you need to reconfigure your build be sure to run "make distclean" first.

To request change review:
0. Get access to a read-write copy of source.
   Owners at are able to grant
   this access.

1. Check out a read-write copy of source using instructions at

2. Make changes. Build and test your changes.
   For core code like processor use methods above.
   For linux/mac/windows, there are test targets in each project file.

3. Download

4. Run from the 'src' directory:

   You will be prompted for credential and a description.

5. At you'll find your issue listed; click on it,
   and select Publish+Mail, and enter in the code reviewer and CC

6. When applying code review feedback, specify the '-i' option when running again and pass the issue number so it updates the existing issue,
   rather than creating a new one.
   Be sure to rerun from the same directory as you did for previous
   uploads to allow for proper diff calculations.
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