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2013-03-18: 0.3.0
+ Add vendors.
* `nut install` now installs into <prefix>/<vendor>/<name> (omits version component).
+ `nut get` now downloads and installs all dependencies (recursive).
+ `nut get` now may be used without arguments.
* `nut pack` now includes files for all OSes.
+ New API for Spec: ReadFile().
+ New API for Nut: ReadFrom(), FilePath(), ImportPath().
+ New API for NutFile: ReadFile().
* Fix bug with `nut get` and www.-prefixed hosts.
* Fix some issues on Windows.
* Fix -h and extra arguments handling.
- Disallow package names ending with "_".
2012-12-16: 0.2.0
+ Add homepage to spec.
+ Read -v from ~/.nut.json.
* Write ~/.nut.json in some cases.
* Do not panic in some cases.
* Fix bug in `nut check` for spec file in other directory.
- Remove confusing -server option (was useful only for development).
2012-12-09: 0.1.2
* Nut names should be lower case.
* Documentation improvements.
2012-12-08: 0.1.1
* Fix installing nuts from
* Documentation improvements.
+ Travis CI integration.
2012-12-07: 0.1.0
+ First announced version.