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Filling issues and contributing to nut tool

First of all, thank you for your interest in making Go ecosystem better! There are number of ways you can help:

  • reporting bugs;
  • proposing features;
  • contributing code bug fixes and new features;
  • contributing documentation fixes (there is probably a ton of grammar errors :/) and improvements.

The following sections describes those scenarios. Golden rule: communicate first, code later.

Reporting bugs

  1. Make sure bug is reproducible with latest released version: go get -u

  2. Search for existing bug report.

  3. Create a new issue if needed. Please do not assign any label.

  4. Include output of:

     (cd $GOPATH/src/ && git describe --tags)
     go env
  5. Include any other information you think may help.

Proposing features

Please add your comments to existing feature requests, but do not create new without proposing them in mailing list first.

Contributing changes

  1. Read all previous sections first.
  2. Nut tool uses Git Flow. Make sure you are starting with branch develop for new feature and master for bug fix.
  3. You can make small changes right in the web interface. Spot a typo? Fix it! :)
  4. For bigger changes setup a separate workspace a.k.a. GOPATH (strictly required for integration tests), make a fork on GitHub and clone it into $GOPATH/src/
  5. Run make prepare to install remote packages and make to run unit and integration tests.
  6. Use git flow feature start or git flow hotfix start to create a branch.
  7. Make your changes. Run and update tests. Do not change version.
  8. Publish your feature or hotfix branch.
  9. Make a pull request.