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Component view the saved logs of core and extensions Joomla
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Version Joomla Php

description in Russian here

Component view the saved logs of core and extensions Joomla

Powered by Joomla!4


  • reading log files and displaying their contents in a tabular form in the admin panel
  • autoexpand json-string message when viewing log in admin panel,
    (upd 1.1.0) correct json output with deep nesting of objects,
    (upd 1.1.1) collapse (accordion) of json-message block to save screen space
  • ability to download the log file in CVS format (two options: classic and specially for opening in MS-Excel)
  • ability to delete log file
  • (upd 1.1.0) correct reading of log files with non-standard columns
  • (upd 1.2.0) reading PHP error log file (provided that it is installed in php.ini and available for reading from the site)
  • (upd 1.3.0) archiving a log file to an archive with a log file name + current datetime (assuming the php-zip extension is connected), the archive is saved to the site folder specified in the component settings, by default /tmp, where optionally deleting the original file after archiving is also configured

Disadvantage: the log file is read and displayed entirely, if it is large, it will take time, create a load on resources and traffic, so
Recommendation for extension developers: with intensive logging provide avtorezina logs into parts, task types, period, either, but that logs your not weighed megatons


About how the native extension to use logging, see the Joomla documentation:

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