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Content plugin for Joomla «UIkit 3 Tabs». Accordion of content, based on the UIkit 3 framework.
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UIkit 3 Tabs - Content plugin

Version Joomla Php

description in Russian here

Tabs of content based on the UIkit framework 3. Content plugin for Joomla! 3

The plugin contains the basic settings implemented in the UIkit 3 framework, necessary for displaying full-fledged tabs.

Attention! The plugin does not contain scripts and framework styles, connect them yourself in your template (it is assumed that your template is already based on this framework).


Indert into content editor:

{tab Title 1}

Your content is inside the "Title 1" tab

{tab Title 2}

Your content is inside the "Title 2" tab


HTML tags immediately adjacent to the shortcodes in curly braces will be cut.

Multiple tabs blocks per page are supported. Nested tabs are not supported.

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