Performing statistical inferences in the R programming language.
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Statistical Inferences In R

Open-source package for performing statistical inferences in the R programming language.


The R programming language contains a wide variety of built-in functions for calculating distributions and calculating values used in common statistical inference tests. However, there is currently no package that offers uniform and easy-to-understand functions for performing such inferences. The aim of this project is to publish such a package for the R programming community.

Clear, uniform naming

Cryptic naming is all too common in programming, and it's the bane of end users. The functions in this package promote clear naming conventions to help eliminate ambiguity and make it easier for users to quickly find the functions they are looking for. Consider the functions Mean.1Pop.CI and Mean.1Pop.Hypothesis as two guiding examples.

  • The first part of the function name tells the reader what population parameter they wish to perform an inference on (Mean).
  • The second part of the function name denotes whether this is for a single population (1Pop) or two populations (2Pop). In the case of linear regression, the alternatives of 1Regressor and 2Regressor are used.
  • The third part of the function name tells the reader what type of test will be performed. CI denotes Confidence Interval, whereas Hypothesis denotes a formal hypothesis test.