Plugin to Magento 2 which mark old cron jobs with status "running" as error. This can prevent the Magento 2 from consuming CPU
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Magento 2 Extension - Alekseon/CleanRunningJobs

In case your Magento 2 app is closed/shutdown/explode when there is running cronjob it will stay in "running" status forever.

This might be the reason why your Magento 2 will create more and more jobs in cron_schedule table and that will result that your Magento 2 will use 100% of CPU after few weeks.

This extension fix this issue by marking "running" cronjobs as error if they are older than 3 hours.

More informations you will find on our blog:


  • From your CLI run: composer require alekseon/module-cleanrunningjobs
  • Flush your cache.
  • Upgrade database: bin/magento setup:upgrade