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Shipit deploy for Magento 2

Set of tools built on shipitjs/shipit-deploy to easy publish Magento 2 to remote server.


npm install --global shipit-cli
npm install --global shipit-deploy
npm install

Getting started

Once everything is installed, you must edit stages/index.js file.

'use strict';

var base = {
    group: 'www-data',
    repositoryUrl: '',
    linkedFiles: [
        'app/etc/env.php'   // It's advised that env.php for stages wouldn't
                            // be stored in repository due to security concerns.
    linkedDirs: [
    projectPath: '',        // You can define path if your magento root directory is deeper
    runComposer: true,
    deployStaticContent: true

module.exports = {
    default: base,
    preprod: {
        servers: 'user@ip',
        branch: 'master',
        deployTo: '/var/www/html/',
        isProtected: false,
    // prod: {
    //     servers: 'user@ip_address',
    //     branch: 'master',
    //     deployTo: '/var/www/html/',
    //     isProtected: true,
    // }

Run command

shipit preprod deploy

Please mind that your first deploy will throw errors that it cannot link app/etc/env.php and pub/media directory. You should place them manually in shared directory on remote server and run deploy again.

How does it work?

  1. Create deployTo directory on remote server and created these directories inside
  • current
  • releases
  • remote-cache
  • shared
  1. Fetch your branch of repository to remote-cache directory
  2. Rsync files to releases/{date} directory and build application
  3. Symlink last build to current directory, enable maintenance mode, run setup:upgrade, flush caches, disable maintenance