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icinga Plugin to get value status from range of values from SNMP data
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check_snmp_value_from_range - Icinga Plugin Check Command to get value status from range of values (from SNMP data)

PreReq: snpmget tool

Tested on:

  • Debian GNU/Linux 8.10 (Jessie) with Icinga r2.8.0-1
  • Debian GNU/Linux 9.11 (Stretch) with Icinga r2.10.5-1



$ /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ [OPTIONS]

Option Long option    Meaning
------ ------------   -------
-H    --hostname      Host name, IP Address
-P    --protocol      SNMP protocol version. Possible values: 1|2c|3
-C    --community     SNMPv1/2c community string for SNMP communication (for example,public)
-L    --seclevel      SNMPv3 securityLevel. Possible values: noAuthNoPriv|authNoPriv|authPriv
-a    --authproto     SNMPv3 auth proto. Possible values: MD5|SHA
-x    --privproto     SNMPv3 priv proto. Possible values: DES|AES
-U    --secname       SNMPv3 username
-A    --authpassword  SNMPv3 authentication password
-X    --privpasswd    SNMPv3 privacy password
-i    --oid-curr      OID for monitoring
-m    --oid-min       OID for low limit of value from oid-curr
-M    --oid-max       OID for high limit of value from oid-curr
-E    --exit-code     Script exit code (if value from oid-curr not in range of values oid-min - oid-max). 
                      Possible values: 1|2
-u    --units         Units of value from oid-curr
-l    --perfdata-label Label for perfomance data output (perfdata enabled if label not empty)
-q    --help          Show this message
-v    --version       Print version information and exit

Example for APC Smart-UPS/Symmetra:

$ ./ -H -P 2c \
-C "public" -i "" \
-m "" \
-M "" \
-E 1 -u "VAC" -l "upsAdvInputLineVoltage"

Icinga Director integration manual (in Russian):

Icinga плагин check_snmp_value_from_range для отслеживания вхождения значения в допустимый диапазон значений, извлекаемых по протоколу SNMP (на примере мониторинга входного напряжения ИБП)

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