A small PHP5.3 library to create cute APM charts from .SC2Replay files
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SC2Chart - Building charts for SC2Replays - PHP 5.3


use SC2Chart\SC2Chart;
use SC2Chart\Bridge\SC2Replay\Analyzer;     // the library you want to use. Be sure that the proper library is loaded
use SC2Chart\Charter\GDCharter;             // the charter you want to use. Only libGD available yet

// creating dependencies
$analyzer = new Analyzer();
$charter = new GDCharter();

// creating chart
$sc2chart = new SC2chart($analyzer, $charter);
$sc2chart->populate($src_replay, $dest_chart_filepath);

// options
$sc2chart->setChartWidth();     // width of your graph
$sc2chart->setChartHeight();    // height of your graph
$sc2chart->setChartPrecision(); // precision you want to apply, from 1 to 60. If you set precision to 1, you will get apm for every seconds, your chart maybe pixellised.

You can your own analyzers and charters if u want to do so.

Implementing an analyzer

use SC2Chart\Analyzer\AnalyzerInterface;
use SC2Chart\Analyzer\AbstractAnalyzer;     // if you want help :p

class myAnalyzer extends AbstractAnalyzer implements AnalyzerInterface
     * Implement this method to transform a replay file to an object
     * This object must be an instance of a class implementing SC2Chart\Replay\ReplayInterface
     * @param   string              $replayFile     Path to the source replay file
     * @return  ReplayInterface     $replay
    public function buildReplay($replayFile)
        // ...

Implementing an charter

use SC2Chart\Chart\CharterInterface;

class myCharter implements CharterInterface
     * Implement this method to transform a ReplayInterface into a chart.
     * @param   ReplayInterface     $replay     The Replay object to process
     * @param   string              $filename   The name of the image chart to create
     * @param   SC2Chart            $sc2chart   The core object, here to access configuration variables
     * @return  null
    public function create(ReplayInterface $replay, $filename, SC2Chart $sc2chart)
        // ...

You can also extends the SC2Chart\Chart\GDChart class. I'll try to clean up that class so that it'll be easier to customize.


  • debug debug debug
  • write PHPUnit tests
  • enable colors personnalization
  • enable custom fonts


PHP 5.3 rules !


Antoine Berranger - antoine@ihqs.net - http://twitter.com/ihqs


SC2Chart is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details