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Samau is a stack-based, concatenative, pure functional golfing language inspired by Burlesque, Joy, Mathematica, Seriously and other languages. It is still under development, and only support a very limited amount of commands.

The default character encoding of Samau is CP737, the DOS code page for Greek language. But that's just for counting bytes. There is also a UTF-8 mode, and the REPL uses UTF-8. You don't need to set your terminal text encoding to CP737.

Samau is still under development and might be buggy.


To compile the Samau interpreter, you need the Haskell Platform.

First, install the required packages:

cabal install arithmoi haskeline parsec

See this if you have problem installing arithmoi.

Then compile it:

ghc --make Main.hs -o samau

And then:

./samau           # execute the code from a CP737 encoded file
./samau --utf8    # execute the code from a UTF-8 encoded file
./samau                   # start the REPL

Or you can run it without compiling:

runghc Main.hs [args]


See the wiki.

Sorry, the wiki is accidentally deleted.


Samau is licenced under GNU GPL v3.

Some of the code is based on Roman Müntener's Burlesque, which is under BSD license.


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