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An interactive album by Kanstantsin Yaskou and Ales Tsurko.
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Zona Opus Posth

Zona Opus Posth is an interactive album. Originally written by Kanstantsin Yaskou the cycle of piano pieces has been interpreted in different ways. Those interpretations was programmed by Ales Tsurko.

Currently there are three branches of Zona Opus Posth: this one, the web-app and the recorded album. The web version you can find here and you can freely download the album here.

Original version programmed in SuperCollider. Xcode project is an unfinished port to Swift.

Video preview of SC-version:


Instructions for SC-version

If you're familiar with SuperCollider just run Player.scd from SC IDE. To close player window execute:


If you're not:

  1. Download and install SuperCollider;

  2. Download the source of Zona Opus Posth:

  3. In SuperCollider choose File->Open and select Player.scd from /path-to-your-unpacked-source/src/SuperCollider/;

  4. Select all code and hit Shift+Enter (or Command(Ctrl)+Enter) or use a command from IDE menu to execute selected code.

If you'll have some problems with starting the SuperCollider server on Windows try to open IDE with admin privileges.

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