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Dark Grey


👾 Set Up

The default UI for Alduin is dark grey. However, depending on certain lighting conditions, time of day or personal preference you might want to try some of the darker versions that are available. screenshots of all modes

Dark Grey
colorscheme alduin
Almost Black
let g:alduin_Shout_Dragon_Aspect = 1
colorscheme alduin 
let g:alduin_Shout_Become_Ethereal = 1
colorscheme alduin 
Dark Red SpecialHL
let g:alduin_Shout_Fire_Breath = 1
colorscheme alduin

🌙 Dev Build

development version here

:octocat: Special Thanks

Alduin Airline Theme by Danilo Augusto
Arch Linux Package by George Angelopoulos
KKPMW for Design Inspiration
Romain Lafourcade for Design Inspiration
jiyyt for UI contribution

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