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RSFB - Really Simple Facebook Bot

For more information you can check out this blog post from ClaudiaJS.

Setup AWS Account

If you are new to AWS you have to create an account and configure it to work on your computer, otherwise you can skip this section.

  1. Register to AWS
  2. Go to IAM/Users and create an User
  3. Add Permissions To User
    • AWSLambdaFullAccess (to create-update-delete Lambdas)
    • IAMFullAccess (to configure ClaudiaJs Executor Roles)
    • AmazonAPIGatewayAdministrator (to create HTTP Endpoints)
  4. Go to tab 'Security Credentials' and create an Access Key and save the keys somewere in your computer
  5. Install on your computer awscli
    • On Mac: brew install awscli
  6. Run: awscli configure and add the Access keys required

Installation and first deploy

You don't need to install ClaudiaJS globally because it's a dependency of the project and is configured as a npm script.

  1. Clone the project git clone
  2. Install dependencies npm install
  3. Deploy the function npm run claudia -- create --region us-east-1 --api-module bot

 Configure with Facebook Messenger App

  1. Go to Facebook Developer page
  2. Create new Facebook Messenger App
    • Associate it to a Page (or create a new page)
    • Copy its AccessToken
  3. Run npm run claudia -- update --configure-fb-bot
  4. Copy webhook URL and verify Token
  5. You will be requested to enter
    • Facebook Page Access Token: the access Token from page associated to the Facebook Messenger App
    • Facebook App Secret: the app secret from Facebook Messenger App
  6. Configure the WebHook into Facebook Developer App Console by insering WebHook URL and Verify Token from step 4.
  7. Publish your Facebook Messenger App
  8. You have to submit your Messenger Application to Facebook in order to be able to respond to Facebook users that are not admins, developers or testers of your application.