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Dmenu/rofi interface for KeePass
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kpmenulib Release 1.2.0 Apr 16, 2019

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Kpmenu is a tool written in Go used to view a KeePass database via a dmenu, or rofi, menu.


  • Supports KDBX v3.1 and v4.0 (based on gokeepasslib)
  • Pretty fast database decode thanks to Go
  • Interfaced with dmenu or rofi
  • Customize dmenu/rofi with additional command arguments
  • Kpmenu can be started as a daemon, so you don't need to re-insert credentials
    • By default the first instance of kpmenu will enter in daemon mode (cache option) for 60 seconds
    • You can start a permanent daemon with --daemon option (it won't ask open the database)
    • Even if the cache times out, the daemon won't be killed
  • Automatically put selected value into the clipboard (for a custom time)
    • xsel and wl-clipboard supported
    • By default it will use xsel, you can override it via config or --clipboardTool option
    • Hidden password typing


  • dmenu or rofi
  • xsel or wl-clipboard
  • go (compile only)


I created kpmenu to make an easy and fast way to access into my KeePass database. These are some commands that you can do:

# Open a database
kpmenu -d path/to/database.kdbx

# Open a database with a key
kpmenu -d path/to/database.kdbx -k path/to/database.key

# Open a database (credentials taken from config) with a password and rofi
kpmenu -p "mypassword" -r


From AUR

You can directly install the package kpmenu.

Compiling from source

If you do not set $GOPATH, go sources will be downloaded into $HOME/go.

# Clone repository
git clone
cd kpmenu

# Build
make build

# Install
sudo make install


You can set options via config or cli arguments.

Kpmenu will check for $HOME/.config/kpmenu/config, you can copy the default one with cp ./resources/config.default $HOME/.config/kpmenu/config.


Options taken with kpmenu --help

Usage of ./kpmenu:
      --argsEntry string            Additional arguments for dmenu at entry selection, separated by a space
      --argsField string            Additional arguments for dmenu at field selection, separated by a space
      --argsMenu string             Additional arguments for dmenu at menu selection, separated by a space
      --argsPassword string         Additional arguments for dmenu at password selection, separated by a space
      --cacheOneTime                Cache the database only the first time
      --cacheTimeout int            Timeout of cache in seconds
  -c, --clipboardTime int           Timeout of clipboard in seconds (0 = no timeout)
      --clipboardTool string        Choose which clipboard tool to use
      --daemon                      Start kpmenu directly as daemon
  -d, --database string             Path to the KeePass database
      --fieldOrder string           String order of fields to show on field selection
      --fillBlacklist string        String of blacklisted fields that won't be shown
      --fillOtherFields             Enable fill of remaining fields
  -k, --keyfile string              Path to the database keyfile
  -n, --nocache                     Disable caching of database
  -p, --password string             Password of the database
      --passwordBackground string   Color of dmenu background and text for password selection, used to hide password typing
  -r, --rofi                        Use rofi instead of dmenu
      --textEntry string            Label for entry selection
      --textField string            Label for field selection
      --textMenu string             Label for menu selection
      --textPassword string         Label for password selection
  -v, --version                     Show kpmenu version


See the LICENSE file.

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