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Changes for v0.4
- Support for connection options timeout, persist and replicaSet
- Connection option 'replica_pair' has been renamed to 'hosts'
- Added Shanty_Mongo_Collection::distinct()
- Shanty_Mongo_Collection::remove now accepts options
- Shanty_Mongo_Document::delete() is now safe by default
- Added pre and post hooks for delete
- Added batch insert
- Added Shanty Paginator
Changes for v0.3.2
- Saves now safe by default
Changes for v0.3
- Protected static property Shanty_Mongo_Document::$_dbName has been renamed to $_db
- Protected static property Shanty_Mongo_Document::$_collectionName has been renamed to $_collection
- Protected property Shanty_Mongo_Document::$_requirements is now a static property
- Support for inheritance
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