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Visualize the evolution of the vaccination campaign to Covid-19 in France, department by department, for a given age group.

A demonstration is available at

How to run this application on local?

You need a Web server to launch the application. There are several ways to do so. On Linux and MacOS platforms, you can for example call python or php utilities:

$ python -m http.server 8080
$ php -S localhost:8080

Then, open your web browser and navigate to the URL http://localhost:8080.

How to update the data?

SPF (Santé publique France) provide updated data day by day through its système d’information Vaccin Covid (VAC-SI).

  1. download the CSV files called vacsi-tot-a-dep.csv and vacsi-tot-a-fra.csv
  2. save it in the script folder
  3. run the script
$ python

This procedure will update the files in the data folder on which the application is based.


The borders of the departments come from the France GeoJSON project by Grégoire David.

All the data are extracted from the Covid vaccine information system (VAC-SI) and provided by Santé publique France.