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Kneuron is an educational platform which facilitates a smoother flow in the classroom and grants instructors an indepth look into a student's performance. School/University administrators are able to register their school and track the performance of all classes associated with their school. Instructors are able to plan their curriculum and open live lectures, where they can administer real-time pop quizzes, and track their students' attendance with a simple click of a button. Instructors are also able to analyze their students' performance and address areas of concern through various levels of analysis. Students are able to join live lectures and participate by asking questions real-time and taking pop quizzes.

Getting Started

  1. npm install || yarn Install the necessary dependencies

  2. Create a ElephantSQL account, if you don't have one already.

  3. Set a PORT and add your ElephantSQL url as ESQL_URL in your .env file.

  4. gulp Run nodemon, watch the database changes, and webpack hot reload (fire)

  5. gulp seed Create the tables & schemas in the database

  6. Run localhost:8080 in your desired browser to get started!

  7. Access the site with the credentials of Rick email: password: test

    • This is not a real account. This is so you could check out the sites functionality
    • Note, the mobile app would need to be run separately on your local machine for the real time connection to be viewed. Check out the mobile app at KneuronMobile

Technology Used

  • React

  • React Native

  • React Router

  • React Redux

  • Redux Persist

  • Webpack Hot Reload

  • Gulp

  • Node

  • Express

  • Redis

  • Sequelize

  • PostgreSQL


  • Kairos

  • Geodesy

  • AWS EC2


Deployed on AWS EC2

Access our app on Kneuron


Built With


  • Justin Kang - Product Owner - J6K
  • Alex Aleksanyan - Scrum Master - Alex1100
  • Jason Kim - Lead Developer - jtk3068
  • Mariano Okpalefe - Lead Developer - MarianotheMaker