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React Application to pull the most recent blocks

User Story: As an EOS User I want to see a list of the most recent blocks on the eosio chain


Product Owner Acceptance Criteria:

  • Display a list of blocks as they’re produced from the block chain.
  • Page should update with the click of a “LOAD” button. We should only show 10 most recent blocks, older blocks will be dropped from the list as it’s updated.
  • Block list entries should show the hash of the blocks timestamp, and the count of actions included in that block (this will typically be 0)
  • Clicking a block entry should expand that line to show the raw contents of the block output.

Technical Implementation Expectations:

  • Application will use create-react-app for setting up the project
  • Utilize ES6 syntax wherever possible
  • Use Async Await
  • Use eos-js for requesting data from the blockchain.
  • Use Apollo Graphql for locally caching your list of blocks.
  • Use Apollo Query Component for displaying the list of blocks.
  • Unit tests

To run the application

  • Open terminal window and run docker-compose up
  • In a separate terminal winodw run npm run startIO
  • in another separate terminal window run npm start

Server, GraphQL, & are all running on localhost:5000

App is running on localhost:3000

When completed

  • make sure you run docker-compose down
  • to check docker instance of eosio, run docker-compose ps

To Run Tests

  • run npm test

To Update Snapshots

  • run npm run update-snapshots
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