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M121.0.6167.204 - 37th Release

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@Alex313031 Alex313031 released this 20 Feb 05:47

M121 Thorium's 30th version birthday!

  • Disabled annoying feature promos like "Show me how to set Chrome's theme?" and "Do you want to take the privacy check now?". It wouldn't be so bad if these didn't appear randomly, and interrupt your workflow by blocking interaction with the rest of the browser until you click "Yes" or "Not right now". (Also notice how they say "Not right now" instead of "No". WTF is up with corporations doing this. It's subtle, but it's like psychologically saying "we'll let you say no now, but we expect you to change your decision later". Like no, leave me alone!).
  • Dolby Vision should now use proper color space info from your machine. Note that Dolby support still requires a hardware decoder to work at all, unlike HEVC/H.265 content which we added a patch to allow software decoding.
  • Updated libhighway to 1.0.7, and libjxl to 0.9.2. This should hopefully fix the JPEG-XL HDR issues some people reported. Should fix Alex313031/thorium-libjxl#18
  • On Windows, the mini_installer.exe unpacks itself faster due to an upstream change.
  • On Windows, preloading the browser, for example with background mode enabled, is now a little bit faster due to preloading pdh.dll and uxtheme.dll from system32.
  • Network Certificates now use the BoringSSL library (yes that's really its name), which is better overall than OpenSSL. (Don't worry, BoringSSL is still open source, and is actually a fork of OpenSSL).
  • Enabled a new Experimental feature, called kResponsiveToolbar. This makes it where when the window size is too small to hold both the tabstrip and top bar buttons (for example if you have alot of pinned extensions), the top bar buttons will be moved to a little chevron overflow menu.
  • Re-enabled a setting that I previously disabled due to crashes, which allows you to toggle AutoPlay settings at chrome://settings/content/sound
  • Added a much requested feature to be able to disable the colored custom top bar icons. You can now disable them with the flag > chrome://flags/#disable-thorium-icons. Rejoice! as I know many people don't like that I added blue and green colors to those. Note that icons used in the menus and settings still have blue colored triangles. I'm not gonna change those, as it's too much work and most people don't care about those. Fixes Alex313031/thorium#307 and Alex313031/thorium#66
  • Prevented Thorium complaining about missing Vulkan drivers on non-Intel platforms. This has been a long standing issue in Chromium, but I'm not going to file a bug because it is used by their infrastructure.
  • Added Thorium's extra search engines to even more locales, including Mexico and Venezuela.
  • Completely disabled the "Privacy Sandbox" (previously known as FLOC), because it's a s**tshow, and not good for user's privacy at all. See >
  • Enabled a compiler flag called _LIBCPP_HARDENING_MODE = _LIBCPP_HARDENING_MODE_FAST, which hardens C++ code against flow integrity issues and memory overflows, while still keeping stuff fast compared to = 1
  • Removed some extraneous LLVM opts
  • Re-enabled the chrome://whats-new page after I accidentally disabled it in M117.
  • More SIMD optimizations in the AVX2 versions.
  • I changed the download bubble flag name to chrome://flags/#disable-download-bubble, so if you changed this to restore the old download shelf, you will need to set it again.
  • Updated the documentation in the //docs directory, and on the site at which should allow you all to easily make your own builds now. Previously, following the docs which were very out of date (out of date for both upstream and because of the new build scripts added to the repo) would not yield a working browser. Fixes Alex313031/thorium#488, Alex313031/thorium#362, Alex313031/thorium#551, and Alex313031/thorium#477.
  • Added SSE3, AVX, and AVX2 builds for both Windows and Linux. I am deprecating the Thorium-Linux-AVX2, Thorium-SSE3, and Thorium-Win-AVX2 repos.