ALX Wiremod E2 PC & OS
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ALX Wiremod E2 PC & OS

image More screenshots:
Video in russian:

Description and wiki is not yet fully updated.

This is an Wiremod Expression2 OS for Garry's Mod Game.
Written in in-game Expression2 Language (wiremod addon).

This is not an real OS, it cannot work anywhere except this game.
However it works similar to a real PC (boot sequence etc), but still very much simplified.


Main features:

  • Virtual PC what made of parts.
  • Virtual motherboard with pcie/pci sockets and other sockets.
  • Virtual CD Drives, HDDs, USB devices, cables, pcie/pci cards, etc.
  • Virtual BIOS, boot sequence.
  • Low-level WM1 File System what works with wire dupable HDDs/EEPROM.
  • WCD File System what used for wiremod CD Discs.
  • Expression2 BMP reader, draw on wire Digital Screen (up to 512x512).
  • Few programs: Console, Burning software, file manager, network chat, partitions manager.
  • Simple directory listing/file managing interface (DOS style).
  • Simple text viewer.
  • Simple networking between PC's.
  • Satellite internet device, what provides access to real internet (http e2 extension) for files downloading.
  • Switch/router network system, also with laser transferer and two-way radio devices.
  • And some other features and devices!

Also includes PHP version of WM1 File System.

Created by AlexALX (c) 2016-2018