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Orbital Dumper

Dumper to dump/extract files required by Orbital from an actual PlayStation 4 console.


  1. Connect your computer and PS4 to the same network.

  2. Setup ps4-payload-sdk and build the payload with make.

  3. Start the server with:

    python server.py
  4. Enter your computer's IP address in the PlayStation 4 web browser and follow the instructions on screen.


This dumper requires an exploit that listens for payloads in binary format on port 9020. These payloads need to be mapped as follows in user address space:

  • 0x926200000: Code (can be changed in Makefile)
  • 0x926300000: Data (can be changed in Makefile)
  • 0x926400000: Arguments (can be changed in source/main.c)

Furthermore, the server will listen at port 9021 for incoming blobs, and optionally at 9022 for debug messages.

Compiling Notes

The dumper currently supports PS4 FW ver 1.76, 4.55, 5.00, 5.05.

By default the build will default to ver 5.00, but in order to compile for a different FW, you must edit the include reference (#include "ksdk_500.inc") found inside source/ksdk.c (2 includes to edit) and source/ksdk.h (1 include to edit) to match the desired FW.

If you want to add support for a new FW, use one of the source/ksdk_XXX.inc as template and update the required offset to match that of your FW.