Tools for side-by-side diffing of Clojure data structures and clojure.test failures
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Visually diff Clojure data structures

Works with Mac out of the box, and with Linux using Meld or xterm diff.


To include as a project dependency using Leiningen: [gui-diff "0.6.7"]

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(require '[gui.diff :refer :all])

;; popup a visual diff of any two data structures
(gui-diff {:a 10 :b 20 :c 30} {:a 10 :c 98 :d 34})

Gui-diff Screenshot

;; wrap any code that sends failure information to clojure.test's *test-out*
;; using `with-gui-diff`

(with-gui-diff (my-custom-test-runner))
;; use gui-diff's clojure.test wrappers that will popup a visual diff
;; failure report if any test fails
(run-tests++ 'mylibrary.core-test)
(run-all-tests++ #".*integration.*")

Override the diff tool

You can specify your own diff tool by setting the DIFFTOOL environment variable.

$ DIFFTOOL=kdiff3 lein repl


MIT License