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Force strictness on crossover copying code.

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1 parent 3145d62 commit 0b08bfc2a38c89babb33509e5e99ade2bfe75bbd @emezeske emezeske committed Dec 31, 2011
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  1. +5 −2 src/cljsbuild/core.clj
@@ -80,14 +80,17 @@
(fs/delete file)
+(defmacro dofor [seq-exprs body-expr]
+ `(doall (for ~seq-exprs ~body-expr)))
(defn- copy-crossovers [crossovers]
- (for [{:keys [from-dir to-dir]} crossovers]
+ (dofor [{:keys [from-dir to-dir]} crossovers]
(let [from-files (find-cljs from-dir #{"clj"})
to-files (map (partial crossover-to from-dir to-dir) from-files)]
(fs/mkdirs to-dir)
(delete-extraneous-files to-files to-dir)
- (for [[from-file to-file] (zipmap from-files to-files)]
+ (dofor [[from-file to-file] (zipmap from-files to-files)]
(not (fs/exists? to-file))

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