Fun, fast, secure web development on top of Clojure/Ring
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ringfinger Build Status

Fun, fast, secure web development on top of Clojure/Ring. A framework for the age of non-relational databases, content delivery networks, cloud hosting, HTML5 and coffee. InstaRESTful, if you like the hipster-speak. Named after a great Nine Inch Nails song.

Check out the website for a live demo.

Get excited

(ns superapp.core
  (:use (ringfinger core resource fields auth-routes),
        ringfinger.db.mongodb, ringfinger.timesavers.hooks,

(def mymongo (mongodb "mydb"))

(defresource contacts
  {:db mymongo
   :pk :name_slug
   :hooks {:data (make-slug-for :name)}}
  [:name  (required) "sorry, anonymous"]
  [:bday  (date-field) "invalid date"]
  [:email (email-field) "invalid email"])

(defapp myapp
        {:static-dir "custom_static_name"
         :session-db mymongo
         :auth-db mymongo}
        (auth-routes {:db mymongo}))

(serve myapp 3000)

or something like that. You can do create/read/update/delete operations on the same resource with a browser (there are default HTML templates, like in Rails) or something that supports JSON, YAML, CSV or XML. Yeah, URLs are the same. The app is an API, and HTML is just another output format. The Accept HTTP header (or adding .format to the URL) is what "separates" the API. And insert some example data by visiting /contacts/_create_fakes (only in development environment, of course). Nice, eh?

You can customize the behavior via hooks (eg. if you need to automatically add URL-friendly "slugs", as in the example, or automatic timestamps), via providing Lamina channels and subscribing to them (eg. if you need real-time push) or adding custom actions, eg. for voting in a poll. You also can use lower-level auth/database/validation/output/routing APIs if you can't fit something into these RESTful constraints.

Coming "soon"

Really Important Features

  • read-only mode
  • rate limiting (per user)
  • queries in url prefixes (eg. :username prefix to allow :username/collname/:pk with the same pk values)
  • pagination (including HTTP Link header for being RESTful)
  • middleware like django-paranoid-sessions
  • file attachments w/ GridFS support
  • asset system that supports preprocessors, css sprite making & completely dynamic in dev mode & uploads to clouds for production with a lein task, using attachment storages. kinda like rails 3.1
  • optionally separating create/index and view/edit pages in html - possible to create "create" and "edit" pages manually now, but it should be easy


  • atom feeds for resources
  • invite mode for registration
  • i18n
  • Swagger implementation
  • automatic javascript model definitions for client-side mvc per resource, using clojurescript
  • timesavers.subscribers: Pusher, Superfeedr (after adding atom feeds), webhook
  • timesavers.actions for polls (change -1/0/+1 per user, like reddit), voting (like votebox)
  • FleetDB, CouchDB support
  • cloudy packages (ringfinger-aws = S3 + SES + SimpleDB, ringfinger-gae = Blobstore + Mail + Datastore)
  • database and attachment migrations (eg. mongodb + gridfs to simpledb + s3)
  • easy full text search (elasticsearch, lucene): lamina subscriber + route for querying
  • (fun!) external package for outputting data in native formats - python pickle using jython, php serialized array using quercus