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;;;; exports.scm
;;;; This example illustrates the ability of shaders to export functions.
;;;; Note that shaders that are indirectly referenced will still be included in a pipeline
;;;; E.g.: In the example below, 'shift' is not 'use'd by 'simple-shader', but still gets compiled into the pipeline because it is 'use'd by 'colorer'
;;;; NOTE:
;;;; This uses glls-render, so if this file is compiled it must be linked with OpenGL
;;;; E.g.:
;;;; csc -lGL texture.scm
(module shader-export-example *
(import chicken scheme)
(use glls-render (prefix glfw3 glfw:) (prefix opengl-glew gl:) gl-math gl-utils)
;;; Mesh
(define rect (make-mesh vertices: '(attributes: ((position #:float 2))
initial-elements: ((position . (-1 -1
1 -1
1 1
-1 1))))
indices: '(type: #:ushort
initial-elements: (0 1 2
0 2 3))))
;;; Matrices
(define projection-matrix
(perspective 640 480 0.1 100 70))
(define view-matrix
(look-at (make-point 1 0 3)
(make-point 0 0 0)
(make-point 0 1 0)))
(define model-matrix (mat4-identity))
(define mvp (m* projection-matrix
(m* view-matrix model-matrix)
#t ; Matrix should be in a non-GC'd area
(define-shader shift
(#:fragment export: (shift))
(define (shift (x #:float)) #:float
(+ (* x 0.5)
(define-shader colorer
(#:fragment use: (shift) export: (colors))
(define (colors (position #:vec2)) #:vec4
(vec4 (shift (.. position x))
(shift (.. position y))
(shift (- (.. position x)
(.. position y)))
;;; Pipeline definition
(define-pipeline simple-shader
((#:vertex input: ((position #:vec2))
uniform: ((mvp #:mat4))
output: ((pos #:vec2)))
(define (main) #:void
(set! gl:position (* mvp (vec4 position 0.0 1.0)))
(set! pos position)))
((#:fragment input: ((pos #:vec2))
output: ((frag-color #:vec4))
use: (colorer))
(define (main) #:void
(set! frag-color (colors pos)))))
;;; Initialization and main loop
(glfw:with-window (640 480 "Example" resizable: #f)
(mesh-make-vao! rect (pipeline-mesh-attributes simple-shader))
(let* ((renderable (make-simple-shader-renderable mesh: rect
mvp: mvp)))
(let loop ()
(glfw:swap-buffers (glfw:window))
(gl:clear (bitwise-ior gl:+color-buffer-bit+ gl:+depth-buffer-bit+))
(render-simple-shader renderable)
(unless (glfw:window-should-close (glfw:window))
) ; end module
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