Systems are built from Components, not from Dependencies.
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Systems are built from Components, not from Dependencies


Components is a bare-bones dependency management system: dependencies are called "components", each component has its build rules in its own .make file, components driver enumerates all .make files by running Make on them and that installs all components in a way that you explicitly prescribed.

The concept is inspired by FreeBSD Ports.

Work in progress, here are two articles where you can find more information:

Components: taking a step back from Dependency Management

How to build a static iOS framework and distribute it as a Component using Make


Components driver is written in Rust programming language and is installed via:

brew install alexdenisov/components/components

If you don't want your project to be dependent on external tool you may use original 156-lines driver written in Bash that you can store in a root of your project.


If you liked the concept and want to contribute a Component be sure to read introductory articles and review existing Components in Components.make folder. The following are work-in-progress guidelines we adhere to when we create Components.

Testing a Component

Be aware that the file structure inside Components.make folder in this repository is different from such in end-user projects as here we also maintain multiple versions of Components. So to be able to test your newly created .make file inside this repository, you can pass COMPONENTS_MAKE_PATH variable pointing to your new component's folder. So for example if you're creating a Component from utf8proc 1.3.1 library, you should put utf8proc.make to the Components.make/utf8proc/1.3.1 folder and point COMPONENTS_MAKE_PATH variable to it:

COMPONENTS_MAKE_PATH=./Components.make/utf8proc/1.3.1 ./ install

This will make driver script to source .make files from Components.make/utf8proc/1.3.1 directory.

Precompiled binary package distribution is recommended

If you are a maintainer of your own library we recommend you to distribute it as precompiled package i.e. static library or framework. While it is possible to write .make file which will copy your project's source files to an installation directory or which will build static framework from your library on consumer's side, frameworks are much faster to download and install since consumer of your component does not need to build them on his own. Also .make rules for libraries with binary distribution are shorter and therefore easier to deal with. Most likely you'll end up with your zipped project's binaries published in your Github Releases (example), having that in place it is very easy to create .make file which downloads zip/tar, unpacks it and then copies to your project's Components directory.

We are here to help

If you have any questions about how to create a proper Component, how Make works or how to create static framework etc feel free to open issue and ask.


The concept is brought to you by AlexDenisov and Stanislaw Pankevich.


Released under MIT license, see LICENSE for more details.