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AlexELEC is a 'Just enough OS' Linux distribution for running Kodi on popular low-cost hardware. AlexELEC is a minor fork of LibreELEC and CoreELEC, it's built by the community for the community. AlexELEC website.

Issues & Support

Please report issues via the AlexELEC Forum.


At this moment we do not accept Donations. We are doing this for fun not for profit.


AlexELEC original code is released under GPLv2.


As AlexELEC includes code from many upstream projects it includes many copyright owners. AlexELEC makes NO claim of copyright on any upstream code. Patches to upstream code have the same license as the upstream project, unless specified otherwise. For a complete copyright list please checkout the source code to examine license headers. Unless expressly stated otherwise all code submitted to the AlexELEC project (in any form) is licensed under GPLv2. You are absolutely free to retain copyright. To retain copyright simply add a copyright header to each submitted code page. If you submit code that is not your own work it is your responsibility to place a header stating the copyright.

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