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MediaCenter OS for Amlogic S805/812/905/912:
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Alex@ELEC - Embedded Linux Entertainment Center

Alex@ELEC runs Kodi and VDR, an award-winning open source (GPL) software media player and entertainment hub for digital media.


  • Ultra fast boot
  • Simple configuration via Kodi itself
  • Plug and Play external storage
  • Support DVB-S2/T2


  • Kodi HTPC software – View/Manage all your media.
  • VDR - digital satellite receiver and Video Disk Recorder.
  • AceStream/AceProxy – Torrent-TV.
  • RetroArch – play retro games.
  • Samba server – File transfer from any PC client
  • SSH server – Remote console access for debugging
  • IR/Bluetooth Remote Control


  • SSH login details are user: “root” password: “mcpc”. SSH allows command line access to your Alex@ELEC machine for configuration and file transfer. Linux/Mac clients can natively use SSH, while Windows users might want to try PuTTY for their terminal access.
  • $HOME is mounted on /storage (the second ext4 partition on the drive). All data transfered to the machine will go here, the rest of the system is read-only with the exception of /var (containing runtime configuration data).
  • Manual update/downgrade procedure is as follows: Copy the snapshot (.tar) to the 'Update' network share (or /storage/.update) on your Alex@ELEC machine. Your system will automatically upgrade during the next reboot.
  • Automatic mounting of filesystems is supported. Devices such as USB Flash sticks can be plugged into a running machine and will be mounted to /media, showing up in Kodi’s GUI.
  • Comments and questions are more than welcome, help is even better and patches are absolutely perfect!!


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