jQuery carousel plugin with swipe support.
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Image Slider With Swipe


This is a tiny jQuery plugin that represents image slider (carousel). Slider supports mouse and touch inputs to slide through images. Also the slider supports HTML content.

Demo picture

Demo page


  • mouse and touch (swipe) support;
  • next, previous buttons;
  • bullets to change current slide;
  • can work with images as well as HTML;
  • various options (animation effect, timings, enable, disable certain properties);
  • using css transition to change slides (so it should be video accelerated);
  • responsiveness, can take up available space and shrink images to fit slider if needed;


Installation Using Bower

Use following command: bower install swipeslider or bower install swipeslider --save to save to your project as dependency.

Manual Installation

Add these two files to your page: swipeslider.min.js swipeslider.css

You'll also need to add jQuery library if it's not already.

Within your HTML add markup for slides, something like that:

<figure id="sample_slider" class="swipeslider">
<ul class="sw-slides">
  <li class="sw-slide">
    <img src="img/lang_yie_ar_kung_fu.jpg" alt="Lang from Yie Ar Kung Fu">
  <li class="sw-slide">
    <img src="img/summer_beach.jpg" alt="Summer beach concept">
  <li class="sw-slide">
    <img src="img/borderlands_tiny_tina.jpg" alt="Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2">
  <li class="sw-slide">
    <img src="img/redhead.jpg" alt="Redhead girl">

Add following script to make things going:

$(window).load(function() {

Do not forget to add at least height to your slider via css.

How To Customize

Plugin Settings

Plugin can be customized via JavaScript object. For example:

$('#sample_slider').swipeslider({autoPlay: false, swipe: false});
Property Default Description
sliderHeight '60%' Height of the slider block. Set in percents if you want automatic resizing according to width of slider (useful is you need a responsiveness). Set it in pixels it you want to have constant height.
transitionDuration 500 Duration of transition effect between slides (in msec.)
timingFunction 'ease-out' Easing function that will be used in transition effect (CSS easing function).
autoPlay true Enable automatic transition between slides.
autoPlayTimeout 3000 Delay (msec.) between slide transition when autoPlay is true.
prevNextButtons true Show next and previous slide buttons.
bullets true Show bullets that indicate which slide is active and used to quick switching between slides.
swipe true Enable swipe function to switch between slides.


The interface can be customized by overriding attributes of CSS classes. SCSS file included.

Class Description
.swipslider Block that contains slider itself.
.sw-slides Block that contains slides.
.sw-slide Slide block, can contain either block with content or img element.
.sw-slide > img Image of slide.
.sw-content Block that can be used instead of img element and can contain other HTML elements. It can be used as a slide with content.
.sw-next-prev Overall style of previous and next button.
.sw-prev Style for previous button (to override the content use ::after pseudo element).
.sw-next Style for next button (to override the content use ::after pseudo element).
.sw-bullet Bullets container.
.sw-bullet li Single bullet
.sw-bullet li.active Active bullet


  • jQuery;


The MIT public license.