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🍺 A simple discord bot that helps you get started within
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A simple discord bot that helps you get started within
Made by AlexFlipnote#0001

Do you need more help? Visit my server here:


Useful to always have

Keep this saved somewhere, as this is the docs to All you need to know about the library is defined inside here, even code that I don't use in this example is here.

Optional tools

  • Flake8 - Python Module (Keeps your code clean)
    • If you're using python 3.7, install by doing
    pip install -e git+
  • PM2 - NodeJS Module (Keeps the bot alive)

How to setup

  1. Make a bot here and grab the token Image_Example1

  2. Rename the file config.json.example to config.json, then fill in the required spots, such as token, prefix and game

  3. To install what you need, do pip install -r requirements.txt
    (If that doesn't work, do python -m pip install -r requirements.txt)
    NOTE: Use pip install with Administrator/sudo

  4. Start the bot by having the cmd/terminal inside the bot folder and type python

  5. You're done, enjoy your bot!


Q: I don't see my bot on my server!
A: Invite it by using this URL:
Remember to replace CLIENT_ID with your bot client ID

Q: There aren't that many commands here...
A: Yes, I will only provide a few commands to get you started, maybe adding more later.

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