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Useful to always have

Keep this saved somewhere, as this is the docs to All you need to know about the library is defined inside here, even code that I don't use in this example is here.

How to setup

  1. Make a bot here and grab the token Image_Example1

  2. Rename the file config.json.example to config.json, then fill in the required spots, such as token, prefix and game

  3. To install what you need, do pip install -r requirements.txt
    (If that doesn't work, do python -m pip install -r requirements.txt)
    NOTE: Use pip install with Administrator/sudo

  4. Start the bot by having the cmd/terminal inside the bot folder and type python

  5. You're done, enjoy your bot!


Q: I don't see my bot on my server!
A: Invite it by using this URL:
Remember to replace CLIENT_ID with your bot client ID

Q: There aren't that many commands here...
A: Yes, I will only provide a few commands to get you started, maybe adding more later.

Q: Why the beer with the discord logo?
A: Because the framework is made so simple that even a drunk guy can set it up.

Optional tools


Flake8 is a tool that helps you keep your code clean. Most coding softwares will have a plugin that supports this Python module so it can be integrated with your IDE. To install it, simply do pip install flake8. If you're using python 3.7, install by doing pip install -e git+


PM2 is an alternative script provided by NodeJS, which will reboot your bot whenever it crashes and keep it up with a nice status. You can install it by doing npm install -g pm2 and you should be done. Keep in mind that this PM2 file is made to work on my own Linux instance, you might need to change the interpreter value.

# Start the bot
pm2 start pm2.json

# Tips on common commands
pm2 <command> [name]
  start    Run the bot again if it's offline
  list                    Get a full list of all available services
  stop     Stop the bot
  reboot   Reboot the bot


Docker is an alternative to run the bot 24/7 and always reboot again whenever it crashed. You can find the install manual here. You don't have to get it, but if you're used to having Docker, it's available at least.

# Build and run the Dockerfile
docker-compose up -d --build

# Tips on common commands
docker-compose <command>
  ps      Check if bot is online or not (list)
  down    Shut down the bot
  reboot  Reboot the bot without shutting it down or rebuilding
  logs    Check the logs made by the bot.