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Companies. Smart Contracts

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Developer: Solidity 0.5.11, HTML, CSS, Web3.js; Alex Garcias, Dr. Attorney. Research. Developer C#, Python, Solidity, PHP, HTML, Css. Website: Repository: Company AGGreen Smart: | Company AGPirate Smart: | LinkedIn: Twitter @lexgarcias


We have companies in 1,2,3 sectors of the local and global economy. The companies to individual or group of person need a contract to start a new company. This agreement is replaced by the Smart Contracts. Smart contract for businesses has a structure similar to the centralized system of business and people data for state control rights and obligations. The Smart Contract must predict all variables that can cause conflict between the parties and solve the problem without intermediaries, without a few seconds. Go to: Then, is necessary follow the Legal Plan to each companies. In this phase we analysis the follow elements:


Smart contracting needs an HTML page to interact with. The HTML page to interact with Smart Contract has the same field name and constant as we have in developing solidity.



  1. Id_Person;
  2. Id_Research_Smart_Contract;
  3. Id_Report_Research_Smart_Contract;
  4. Id_Smart_Contract_Open_New_Company;
  5. Id_Smart_Contract_Open_New_Projects;
  6. Id_Office_Smart_Contract. Rent, buy of the office;
  7. Id_Property;
  8. Id_Person_worker;
  9. Id_Smart_Contract_Shares_Company. For Open Capital by Crypto-assets, Local and Global Investments by Crypto-assets;
  10. Id_Smart_Contract_to_Create_Token;
  11. Id_Collaborators_Smart_Contracts;
  12. Id_Employment_Smart_Contract;


Only Owner can make a new boat register in Blockchain;


1. price to run the Smart Contract;
2. Gas: 210000000;


The cost to add new member is:

1. 0.01608563 – Ethereum;
2. Address payable in the moment of the transaction;

<-------------------- Under Evolution

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