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Zabbix monitoring template for nginx
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System requirements

Nginx, with configured `http_stub_status_module`


HTTP/HTTPS support
Connection Statistics:
  • Active
  • Reading
  • Waiting
  • Writing
Request Statistics:
  • Accepted
  • Handled
  • Total
Graph and screen:
  • 'Requests Statistics' graph
  • 'Connection Status' graph
  • Screen combining both graph
Macros for customization:


Nginx Configuration


Add the following example to your default vhost configuration file:

location /nginx_status {
    stub_status on;
    access_log off;
    allow ::1;
    deny all;

Zabbix Configuration


  1. Import XML template file (`zbx_template_nginx.xml`) into Zabbix via Web GUI (Configuration -> Templates -> Import).
  2. Assign the imported template to a host and enjoy!
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