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Implementation of Non-local Block.
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  • You can find different kinds of non-local block in lib/.
  • The code is tested on MNIST dataset. You can select the type of non-local block in lib/
  • If there is something wrong in my code, please contact me, thanks!


  • python 3.6 or python 3.7.3
  • pytorch 0.4.1 or pytorch 1.1.0

Update Records

  1. Figure out how to implement the concatenation type, and add the code to lib/.
  2. Fix the bug in lib/ (old version) when using multi-gpu. Someone shares the reason with me, and you can find it in here.
  3. Fix the error of 3D pooling in lib/ (old version). Appreciate protein27 for pointing it out.
  4. For convenience, I split the lib/ into four python files, and move the old versions (lib/ and lib/ into lib/backup/.
  5. Modify the code to support pytorch 0.4.1, and move the code supporting pytorch 0.3.1
    to Non-Local_pytorch_0.3.1/.
  6. Test the code with pytorch 1.1.0 and it works.

Running Steps

  1. Select the type of non-local block in lib/
    from lib.non_local_concatenation import NONLocalBlock2D
    from lib.non_local_gaussian import NONLocalBlock2D
    from lib.non_local_embedded_gaussian import NONLocalBlock2D
    from lib.non_local_dot_product import NONLocalBlock2D
  2. Run with one GPU or multi GPU.


  • Experiments on Charades dataset.
  • Experiments on COCO dataset.

Related Repositories

  1. Non-local ResNet-50 TSM (Paper) on Kinetics dataset. They report that their model achieves a good performance of 75.6% on Kinetics, which is even higher than Non-local ResNet-50 I3D (Here).
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