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NOTE THAT THIS IS OUTDATED, BUILDCRAFT IS NOW UP TO 7.2.7 on the official GitHub page (

Old info

Report bugs here:

Release format:

The current release is here

All previous releases (going back to pre12) can be found here


All of buildcraft in one jar: buildcraft-7.2.0-pre12.jar NOTE THAT COMPAT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE FULL JAR!

Compatibility with other mods: buildcraft-7.2.0-pre12-compat.jar

Each indervidual module: buildcraft-7.2.0-pre12-(module).jar

(where "(module)" refers to api, builders, core, energy, factory, robotics, silicon, transport). Dependencies: core requires api and all the others require both core and api

Additional Downloads

[1.8.9] [Migration from below] buildcraft-7.2.0-pre8-migration-ver3.jar

[1.8] [Migration to above] buildcraft-0.14-alpha-migration.jar