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1.2.4 - 05 Jun 2015
- Fix CSV export (typo in file extension .cvs -> .csv).
- Underlying changes for eventual UI reorganization.
- Updated to latest Android library and build versions.
1.2.3 - 10 Jan 2015
- Fix reading of files from other locations outside SDCard (say Google Drive).
- Fix CSV import/export with new Joda Money library.
1.2.2 - 09 Jan 2015
- Fix occasional crash on resume in the transaction listing activity if relogin
- Fix backup creation if TMM folder doesn't exist.
- Fix sharing of backups in recent Android versions.
- Removed seconds from transactions.
1.2.1 - 04 Oct 2014
- Fix crash that could happen while calculating stats of certain transaction
values that led to the violation of money scale.
- Allow transfers between money nodes with different currencies by specifying
conversion amounts.
- Do not register transfer if destination/source money node was selected but
the transfer checkbox was then unchecked.
1.2.0 - 27 Sep 2014
- Fix several bugs related to caching with multiple users or restore operation.
- When deleting a transaction associated with a transfer, do not automatically
delete the opposing one.
- Allow input of math expressions as the value of initial balance of a money
- Add balance panel to money node list activity if more than one money node
- Remove remembered login data if login no longer works.
- Refactor the code to use Joda Money for handling money values and currencies.
Should provide a more consistent handling of money values.
- Replaced actionbarsherlock with android-support-v7 library.
- Refactored database management and upgraded to SQLCipher 3. This should improve
security (by not keeping keys in memory for longer than they should be) and
speed because we don't have to reopen the database in each activity.
- Changed build SDK target to 20.
- Better handling of activity/process lifecycle.
1.1.2 - 6 Sep 2013
- Add hint to keyboard for numeric input but don't force numeric only text
(to allow for math signs, etc...).
- Fix crash on Android 2.2 related to the expression parser.
1.1.1 - 3 Sep 2013
- Allow input of math expressions as the value for the transactions.
- Added transaction duplication feature (useful for double accounting or
tracking between a foreign and a home accounts with different currencies).
1.1.0 - 27 Jul 2013
- Allow transfers between money nodes.
- Added transaction details activity.
- Suggest first letter capitalization in name/description boxes.
- Add 'this week' and 'last week' to the date interval bar.
- Made the balance details panel collapsible on the moneynode details activity.
- Fix some problems regarding data sync between activities.
- Misc bug and typo fixes.
1.0.2 - 26 Mar 2013
- Fix major crash on icon selection
- Force initial focus to value on transaction editing.
1.0.1 - 21 Mar 2013
- Added secure backup and restore of data and user settings.
- Organized icons in categories for easier browsing.
- Added a value sign toggle button to the value textbox on the transaction
- Added option to choose tab navigation mode (tabs, swipe or both).
- Fixed transaction editor activity on small screens.
- Put EUR, USD and GBP at the top of the currency list.
- Fix bug in date selection if custom interval set as default.
- Added Portuguese localization.
1.0.0 - 04 Mar 2013
- Stability, consistency and performance improvements.
- Allow users to change passwords.
- Allow application to remember logins.
- Allow sharing of exports and limiting to certain date intervals.
- Allow scrolling of big activities on small screens / landscape mode.
- Added preferences for default currency and date interval.
- Load transactions in background with progress dialog on GUI.
- Uniformized export date format.
1.0.0beta - 02 Mar 2013
- First beta release of the application.
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