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Three Eyed Bingo

The Three Eyed Bingo was created to allow people to predict deaths of the characters during the final season of Game of Thrones. Now that it's over, I've decided to share the code here. Probably won't be of any use to you but you might still learn of few things from it :)


It's a meteor project so clone the repository and do the usual :

  • first time : meteor npm install
  • then simply meteor

Technical stuff

Honestly it's all fairly basic stuff, just a simple backend with two collections : one to store the characters and one to store the players' votes. The characters are initialized via fixtures.

The front is ReactJS app with only a few components. I coded all this very quickly so it's not very well organized.

There's some empty files and unfinished business like the "Statistics" page that I wanted to do but didn't have a chance to finish.


Here's what the main page looked like and also the leaderboard for history !

threeeyedhome threeyedleaderboard

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